RadioReach is a collective of independent consultants specialized in creating, updating and maintaining a unique sound of your brand.

We start up new radio stations and work with existing ones to get the best from your broadcasting enterprise.

Partnering with us will distinguish your brand image.

We help you reach a wider base of listeners, improve your brand positioning in the market, increase sales revenue and maximize profit.

About Us

RadioReach Consultants have worked with the largest media groups and independent radio stations in the Middle East and North Africa. We have expertise in freeform and formatted radio stations, notably TOP40, CHR, Hot AC, Soft AC, Oldies and News/Talk broadcasting content in Arabic, English or French.

Radio Reach Consultants

Imad Nehme
Lead Consultant

Imad has more than 20 years of experience in the radio business, including starting up and managing several new stations. During his career, Imad has been:

– General Manager of Play 99.6
– Launch General Manager of Sunny 105.1
– Operations Manager of Modern Media
– Launch Program Director of Virgin Radio
– Launch Project Manager of Hawa Amman
– Station Manager of Mood 92
– Group Business Development Manager of Seagulls Media Services
– Advertising Manager of Radio Nostalgie

Imad Nehme also worked with Jabal Loubnan, RML, France FM, Party Radio and Tripoli FM

Robert Johansson

Head of Programming and Music

Robert Johansson and Better Radio Programming is a music programming and music scheduling software expert with success stories from a wide range of formats on 4 continents. We focus on helping Radio, TV and other music content providers optimize music scheduling software and create programming strategies.

We work with all major brands of music scheduling software such as RCS Selector®, GSelector®, MusicMaster® and PowerGold®.


Analyzing, design, optimizing and training.

Implementation of results from perceptual studies and music research into daily programming. Focus on the basics, not just the function keys and create customized solutions with an individual approach to perfectly match each format, market and strategy.

Shadia Bseiso

Bilingual Radio & TV Presenter

From award-winning radio presenter to high profile live events and TV host, the Dubai-based Shadia Bseiso is ready to deliver crystal clear message in the right tone that will move and inspire audiences around the world – and she loves doing it!

Shadia has over 9 years of radio experience across several markets in the Middle East as a bilingual presenter and voice-over artist.

From Jordan to Beirut to Dubai and Syria; from Play 99.6 to Virgin Radio – Shadia has presented for the Middle East’s biggest radio stations and she is always excited to share her experience with your presenters and train them to better host their shows.

Broadcast Radio
RadioReach consulting strategy begins by understanding the vision and mission of the radio station as conveyed by the management. We then monitor your radio station and the competitors’ ones, carry out research on current listenership, and present our analysis and recommendations.

From there, we conduct discussions with the station’s team and design a tailored yearly plan. Throughout the consulting period we lead the team in implementing the plan through training and coaching in the latest techniques. Finally, we monitor the station regularly for quality control, and present periodic evaluations.

RadioReach consulting services cover overall radio operations. Our Consultants are experts in Management, Broadcast, Programming, Sales, Marketing, Promotions, Social Media and HR.

Prospective Clients:

New Radio Stations

– Market Research & Analysis
– Station Build-up
– Operating, Training & Coaching
– Management Transfer
– Quality Control

Existing Radio Stations

– Market Research & Analysis
– Tailored Solutions & Recommendations

– Plan Implementation
– Training & Coaching
– Quality Control

InStore Radio
Starting up your own radio station is a clever, enjoyable and profitable way to enhance your business.

Along with décor, lighting and display, music is key to the mood you convey.

With InStore Radio we start up your private radio and program the music in retail outlets and chains including restaurants, cafes, hotels, gyms and shopping centers. We will design and maintain your InStore Radio program with a station tailored for your needs.

Associate your brand with the right music
Customize music by genre, era and tempo to reflect your brand image.

Make your brand memorable
Customers remember and recommend stores that play appealing music.

Enhance your professionalism
Good sound shows that your business cares about presentation.

Create a comfortable atmosphere for your customers
This invites your customers to visit often, stay longer and shop more.

Create an engaging workplace
Happy employees are more motivated, more productive, and present a better face for your brand.

Develop on-the-spot awareness and calls to action
Reach your customers with targeted messaging by promoting your new and existing products and services

RadioReach Contacts:

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